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Marriage Counseling Online During COVID-19

Your marriage was far from perfect before the coronavirus struck. But the cracks were easier to ignore. You used to have work as a distraction or could go out with friends in the evenings.

But now? The constant togetherness is getting old FAST. Furthermore, the extra stress and unplanned changes are leading to heightened emotions. Basically, any problems you already had in your relationship are really coming to the surface now. And you’re miserable. You feel alone even though you share the same space.

Couple sitting on a couch looking disconnected in therapy could benefit from online couples counseling Illinois

Without couples therapy, stress often drives couples apart

You don’t know how to cope with the stress. And it feels like you don’t understand each other. There are important discussions to have and decisions to make. But none of those heavy conversations go very well. Misunderstandings abound. You end up feeling worse after having a conversation than you did before.

As couples therapists, we see this all the time. Relationships are torn apart by stress.

It’s not that you don’t want to reconnect. It’s that you don’t know how to anymore. Both of you miss how things were earlier in the relationship. But the reality is that life changed your relationship and then the novel coronavirus disrupted things even more. And as a couple, you just don’t have the skills to communicate and cope.

In fact, a crisis like this can ultimately lead to the end of a marriage or relationship. But it doesn’t have to.

Through online couples therapy in Illinois, stress can actually make your relationship stronger.

Instead of letting the stress of everything going on in the era of COVID-19 tear you and your partner apart, through couples counseling, we can use this time to work on coping skills, communication and intimacy. It is possible for you to come out of this pandemic closer to your partner than you have ever been.

Online Couples Therapy, Illinois and the Chicago Loop

The online therapists at the Center for Relational Transformation can help you build resiliency in your life by teaching you a specific set of skills you can use in your relationship right now. Using these skills, you’ll be able to come together and support one another through the stress and strain of the coronavirus pandemic. By using this precious time while you are home-bound to meet each other's needs you can transform your relationship. As hard as it is to believe right now in the midst of marital conflict, it IS possible for this intense, stressful, difficult time to forge a bond that will last the rest of your lives together.

Our goal is that 10 years from now, you’ll look back and one of you will say, “Remember the COVID 19 pandemic?” The other will respond (maybe even with tears in your eyes), “Yes. It was so stressful and heartbreaking, but I am grateful I had you to help me get through it.”

Take advantage of the time you have now

For many couples, you find yourself suddenly both at home. The distractions from your relationship that you usually have like work, school, social engagements and errands are suddenly…gone. Make the choice today that you are going to use this time you are together and transform your relationship through this time of crisis. You may never have the same opportunity you have now to intensely focus on your marriage. To come together and support one another. To transform your relationship. So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Chicago couple sitting on couch together watching kids play. Chicago couples can find hope in online couples therapy, Illinois

Four Easy Steps to a Better Relationship, Through Online Couples Therapy

1) Request to Talk to a Therapist

Fill out our brief contact form and one of our Relationship Specialists will contact you by the end of the next business day.

2) Talk to a friendly Therapist and Schedule a Counseling Session

One of our expert relationship therapists will contact you by phone for a free 15-minute consultation to make sure we're a good fit. Then you'll be able to schedule an online couples counseling session.

3) Give us a little more Background on your Relationship

We will send you and our partner a secure link to give us some more background information on your situation to make your first session even more valuable.

4) Have your First Couples Therapy Session

Your first session will mostly be informational, but we do want you to have a good experience and to start learning effective communication tools right away. Most couples experience a sense of relief that they have taken the first steps together towards a better relationship, and feel hopeful to have found a therapist who can help.

Tips for online marriage counseling during a stay-at-home order

We know marriage counseling looks a little different in the era of the novel coronavirus. And that’s ok. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your couples counseling experience:

  • Only the adults participating in the session need to be in the room.

  • If children are home, offer them a tablet or DVD that doesn’t use any of the bandwidth.

  • If you have a strong internet connection, consider using two different devices in separate rooms for the first few sessions.

  • Be flexible knowing that it may take a little experimenting to find the setup that works for you.

Happy couple hugs while wife holds keys after finding connection during coronavirus and shelter-in-place order in Chicago, IL. Online couples counseling, Illinois can help you feel better today.

Begin Online Couples Therapy (Illinois Residents)

The hope you are looking for is right here, with online couples therapists from our Chicago Loop counseling center. Our caring therapists are ready to help you explore the best ways to communicate with your partner. To begin online couples counseling:

  1. Contact us online

  2. Hear back from a therapist within 24 hours (except on Sundays)

  3. Feel more confident and connected as a couple, getting stronger in a crisis

More Services With Online Therapy in Illinois

Helping individuals and couples dealing with relationship issues is our passion. You can and will become better than ever before through this unprecedented global pandemic. Our framework for compassionate communication helps couples in all stages of a relationship. We can help with premarital counseling, couples therapy, poly, and open relationship counseling and marriage counseling. If you have experienced infidelity, we offer divorce discernment therapy and affair recovery counseling. Additionally, our therapists offer anxiety treatment and depression therapy  for individuals online or our downtown Chicago psychotherapy office. We look forward to helping you feel connected and thrive even during this stressful time.

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