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Anxiety Treatment

Are you a busy professional working in the loop? Do you look put together on the outside but feel constantly worried on the inside? Do you have trouble focusing during the day and trouble falling asleep at night? It it find it hard to slow down and just enjoy time with your friends of your partner? Does your anxiety making you miserable?

To others, it seems like you have everything going for you. You're successful, but you're not happy. Your mind always focuses on all of the problems so you can't enjoy any of your success. In fact, you are not even sure if you deserve the success you have. At night your mind won't shut off.  All this worry makes it hard to connect with others and you feel alone. You wonder if there is something wrong with you. 


Anxiety treatment at Relational Transformation can help you finally find the peace and satisfaction you're looking for!

What does High Performing Anxiety Look Like?

People from all walks of life experience anxiety, even those who are highly successful. You are able to perform at a high level at your job. You are also able to maintain a relationship, but inside, you are suffering. However, you are not getting the fulfillment and satisfaction from your work or from your relationships because of you are always worried.

Perhaps you are worried about if are doing a good enough job or what others think of you. You might even worry that you are worrying. Your ability to worry seems boundless. Your mind races and your body feels tense. Sometimes, your breathing is constricted and at times it may feel like you heart is going to beat out of your chest.


The good news is that our counselors can help. Anxiety is common and Anxiety Treatment can help you start to feel better right away. It is possible to fully enjoy all of the good things in your life that you worked so hard to create.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Everyone has some amount of anxiety. However, for some people anxiety can get to a point where it starts to hold you back.

Below are some of the common signs of an anxiety disorder. If you are experiencing some of these signs of anxiety, it may be time to speak to a counselor about anxiety treatment:


  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Racing thoughts

  • Difficulty focusing at work

  • Self Doubt

  • Self Criticism

  • Feeling on-edge

  • Constant tiredness

  • Being irritable

  • Muscle tightness

Anxiety Treatment At The Center for Relational Transformation

At the Center for Relational Transformation we use a comprehensive approach to anxiety treatment. We will tune into your physical symptoms and show you some easy things to do to help your body feel better right away. We will also do an assessment of your lifestyle and make helpful suggestions of things you can do between sessions to help you feel better and lessen your anxiety. In counseling sessions, we will create a supportive environment where you can slow down and tune into the underlying fear that is causing the anxiety.


Often anxiety is what we feel when we run away from something that scares us. Sometimes we run so fast from our fear that we don't even know there is something that we are afraid of. Sometimes we are afraid of disappointing someone important to us. Sometimes we are afraid of losing someone's love. Sometimes we are afraid of feeling sadness or grief.


However, with the support of a caring therapist, when we let ourselves feel our fear, we can discover what we need to overcome our fear. Often we need reassurance from our partner that they love us even if we're not perfect. Sometimes we need to be reminded that that other person's love will still be there for us no matter what. At other times, we just need to cry. In getting what we really need, we find peace. And when we are no longer afraid, when we finally stop running, then we can appreciate the love and joy that is all around us. 

How Anxiety Treatment Helps

Anxiety treatment will help you get your life back. You can learn to use your fears to help you instead of letting them control you. Imagine living without racing thoughts as well as the ability to fall asleep with ease. Your relationships will also shift as you become less irritable and stress filled. You can live a life filled with calm instead of chaos. Anxiety treatment helps people from all walks of life to become the best they can be.

Anxiety Treatment in Chicago, Il 60602

If you are ready to begin anxiety treatment in the loop, Relational Transformation will help you move forward!


Next Steps to Finding Relief from Anxiety

Other Services At Relational Transformation

As a Chicago counseling center, we offer a variety of mental health services.  We know your needs rarely fit into one nice neat little box labeled "anxiety." Therefore, we can help you find healing in a variety of areas of your life. Anxiety treatment is only one of the many services offered at Relational Transformation in the Chicago Loop. We provide individual therapy for many different issues including depression treatment. Additional, we specialize in couples and relationship counseling. We work with couples who have a variety of needs including marriage counseling, affair recovery, and compassionate communication training & counseling. Whatever your mental health needs may be, we want to help.

Do you take insurance?


Unfortunately, the insurance industry is not set up very well to help people in emotional distress. In order to use your insurance, you would need to be diagnosed with a mental illness. This diagnosis becomes part of your permanent medical record and can be used against you in future employment decisions and eligibility for insurance. Not only that, if you use in-network insurance, the insurance company then decides what treatment you are allowed to receive and for how many sessions. We believe that these decisions should be made between you and your therapist, not a bureaucrat sitting in a office somewhere. We also believe our time should be spent helping you, not arguing with that bureaucrat on why you need treatment.


Instead, we accept HSA, FSA, and HRA Cards. We also offer sliding scale slots to individuals or couples in need (you can talk to one of our therapists for more information). If you do want to use your insurance, we are accepted as an “out-of-network” provider, so you can get any out-of-network benefits that your plan provides. You will still need to have a diagnosis, but we will be able to have control over your course of treatment.

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