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Denise Dozier, LAMFT


Grief & Loss

Blended Families

Intimacy & Trust

Couples and Individuals

50 minutes • $160


First Couples Session

75 minutes • $240

Grief is defined as the “response to a loss”.  That loss can be a job, a relationship, divorce, a body part, your health, becoming an empty nester, and the physical death of an individual. Whatever it is you will experience grief over the loss.  When you encounter a traumatic event, you do-not bounce back like a rubber ball. It sometimes takes days, months, and sometimes years to process what you are feeling and learning to adapt to a new normal.  Things do not go back to as usual, let’s face it, there is a missing component.


Life is a process of adapting to new circumstances. This past year has consisted of numerous deaths of love ones and friends due to this pandemic.  My clients were feeling a sense of abandonment and rejection and unable to grieve normally feeling a sense of detachment.  Things were closed, businesses shut down, what you thought was routine no longer existed. Adjustments had to be made. Together we learned to adapt without the comfort of others due to social distancing and Covid restrictions.


If you are experiencing grief, I would love to walk this journey with you. It is a process, it’s about a sense of awareness and working through it. It is not about getting over the loss ... it is about working through the loss. I find mediation, journaling and music therapeutic in working through the healing process.


I became a therapist to assist people in navigating through this journey called life. As we evolve, we will be faced with various obstacles along the way.  Having a coach on the sideline helping you with the plays will aid you to feel less anxious. Allow me to be that coach in assisting you in adjusting through the various stages of life.

If therapist not listed, they are not taking on new clients at this time. Please select another therapist.

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Loving Couple

If you’re suffering, or if you want to be more fully alive, I would be honored to be the guide along your path

If therapist not listed, they are not taking on new clients at this time. Please select another therapist.

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