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Divorce Counseling in Chicago

Your marriage is ending.

You don't know what to do next.

Divorce isn't what you wanted. But, here we are.

You've done all you know to do and things are just not working. 

Do these thoughts about your divorce sound familiar?

Divorce Isn't Easy

You’ve tried, or refused, marriage counseling. One or both of you are done. Once that decision is made, it seems like the hard work is over, right? Nope. This is just the beginning. There are still a number of decisions to be made and conversations to be had.


Quite frankly, it feels isolating and horrible.  The good news is, you do not have to do this alone.

Our Goal: Make an Awful Divorce Feel Less Awful

This is where a caring, skilled, professional therapist comes in.


Our job? To make an awful situation less awful. To support you through this difficult transition.


No matter how long you were together, there’s history. Regardless of how long you were married, it was still a commitment. And, there will always be a need for clear communication, no matter what your family structure looks like. 

Our therapists aren’t here to take sides, or place judgment on you. Our genuine goal is to help you feel better. Even if that means feeling more confident as a newly single individual. 

The Center For Relational Transformation Approach to Divorce Counseling

In our Chicago, IL counseling center, we want you to feel more confident and capable to handle your divorce. We are also going to help you prepare for life after divorce. You may be wondering:

  • "What will my life look like after divorce?"
  • "Are my relationships doomed to fail?"
  • "How do I trust anyone after divorce?"
  • "Will I be alone forever now?"


Our caring, professional therapists will help you communicate with your spouse/ex-spouse in a healthier way through these difficult divorce conversations. Then, we will help you learn how to apply this compassionate communication to your current and future relationships. Our therapists are experts at helping high conflict couples communicate more effectively, even in the midst of a divorce.


With a few simple, practiced skills, you can find trust and joy again. We want to help you feel better, in spite of all that is going on in life right now. 

Begin Divorce Counseling in Chicago, IL

Your marriage may be over, but your life is not. Don't let this experience get in the way of a happy healthy life. You can find joy after divorce. Divorce counseling with one of the expert relationship therapists in our Chicago Loop counseling center will help get you through this. To begin:


  1. Contact us online

  2. Hear back from a therapist within 24 hours (except for Sundays)

  3. Feel more confident and capable of dealing with divorce.

Other Services At the Center for Relational Transformation

Divorce is not the end of your ability to connect with others. You will have relationships again. You can and will become better than ever before. Our unique framework for compassionate communication helps couples in all stages of a relationship. Perhaps couples therapy for one, non-judgemental couples counseling, or therapy to discuss poly and open relationships would be helpful. If you have experienced infidelity, we also offer affair recovery counseling. Our skilled therapists also offer individual therapy including anxiety treatment and depression therapy in our downtown Chicago psychotherapy office. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself you can be, now and in the future.

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