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Marriage Counseling

Are you tired of fighting with your husband or wife? Have you and your spouse grown apart? Does it sometimes feel like your spouse is a stranger living in the same house?

This just isn't how you thought your marriage would look. When you and your spouse got married, you were full of hope and madly in love. You were the center of each other's universe and you didn't question how much you both loved each other.  Now? You miss that feeling of being in love and worry the connection is gone. It's like you're on two different paths. Maybe you wonder if your spouse even loves you at all anymore.


You hate to admit it, but the word "divorce" has crossed your mind or even come up in conversation. You don’t want to get a divorce but aren’t sure how to make it through. It's not that you aren't committed to the relationship.  You are and you meant it when you said "I do."  It's just hard to imagine that your marriage can be happy again.  Some days, it's hard to remember the positives about your marriage at all.


The good news is that marriage counseling can help. If both spouses are committed to the relationship and willing to do the work, it's very possible to get to a better place. Marriage therapy is the next step towards a happier, healthier relationship.

Marriage is a Commitment

When you made the decision to marry your spouse, you knew this was a big commitment. However, you were ready to take the dive and commit to spending life with this person. You know that when you said “I do” you meant those vows. Now you might be questioning whether you should have said them in the first place. Perhaps you don’t know whether you ever meant them.


The good news is, marriage counseling works. In our downtown Chicago, IL office, we help couples experience breakthroughs. We help you eliminate the barriers keeping them from the happy, healthy relationships they deserve.

Signs you could Benefit from Relationship Counseling

Are you tired of fighting all the time. Or perhaps communication has . . . stopped. You don’t talk about anything beyond your day at work, or co parenting issues. You have hopes and dreams and want to achieve those, with your partner beside you.


You might benefit from marriage counseling if:

  • You are constantly fighting, often about the same thing

  • One or both of you has mentioned divorce

  • Your relationship lacks physical or emotional intimacy

  • There's been a gradual drifting apart in your relationship

  • It doesn't seem worth it to even talk to your partner about the important things anymore

  • Someone had an affair

  • Your partner wants to go to therapy

  • Difficulties co-parenting

  • Poor communication

The Center For Relational Transformation Approach to Marriage Counseling

At The Center for Relational Transformation, we use an experiential approach to marriage counseling. From the first session, we give you and your partner the chance to communicate a new, different and more effective way. You'll start by practicing new communication skills in couples counseling sessions so you can begin to feel heard by your partner in a way you may have never experienced before. Then, we'll encourage you to practice those same new communication skills in your discussions outside our counseling sessions. 

As you and your spouse begin to communicate in this new way and have positive moments together, we will reflect on these change moments in sessions.  Your couples therapist will encourage you and your spouse to share your reactions to these new experiences so you can both see the value of these new interactions, fine tune how you interact and continue to interact in an effective way.


Our couples therapists help you and your spouse have a different experience of how your relationship works. You're not just thinking about your relationship differently, you are having a different experience of your relationship. Over time this new experience of your marriage will help you build connection and regain lost intimacy with your spouse.

Marriage Counseling Works

Marriage counseling can and does save relationships. In fact, with counseling the likelihood of divorce is diminished significantly. In our downtown Chicago office we help married couples of all kinds work to create happier, healthier relationships. You don’t have to stay stuck in an unhealthy marriage.  With the help of a marriage therapist, you can make lasting change in your relationship.  As counseling progresses, you will both feel more cared for, better understood and more connected to each other. Marriage counseling at The Center for Relational Transformation can help you fall in love all over again.

Begin Marriage Counseling in Chicago, IL

Your marriage deserves to be what you dreamed it would be. Don't let fighting or silence get in the way of a happy healthy relationship. We can help your marriage in our Chicago office or in online therapy in Illinois. You can find joy in your marriage through marriage therapy. To begin:


  1. Contact us online

  2. Hear back from a therapist within 24 hours (except for Sundays)

  3. Begin to experience a new way of relating with your partner.

Other Services At the Center for Relational Transformation

Marriage therapy can help your relationship grow and become better than ever before. Our 

framework for compassionate communication helps couples in all stages of relationship. If you have experienced infidelity, we also offer affair recovery counseling. Our skilled therapists also offer anxiety treatment and depression therapy in our downtown Chicago psychotherapy office. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself you can be.

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