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We Help People

Feel Good Together 

Using mindfulness, attachment theory, and the latest research in neuroscience,

we help couples transform their relationship from a source of pain into a source of sustaining joy.

Does this sound like the way your relationship started?


When things started out,

your relationship was EASY.

You didn’t have to WORK on your relationship.

You didn’t have to QUESTION it.

Somehow, life started to change

The relationship became more complicated...more stressful.

You started fighting.


Fights about small stuff become fights about big stuff.


You feel disconnected and alone.


You do not have to suffer in your relationship this way.

Your relationship can and will be transformed. 

At the Center for Relational Transformation, We Can Help You

...cut through the defensiveness.

...each speak from a tender, heartfelt place.

...clarify what each of you needs to feel good.


In therapy, we’ll set out a path to get to a more fulfilling relationship, together.

Create the relationship

you’ve longed for...

Imagine your partner smiling, just because you are near.


Imagine having an unquestioning trust in your partner.


Imagine knowing that your partner desires you.


Imagine sharing easy laughter in your relationship again.


You don’t have to just imagine it, with our help, you can live it.


It’s time to

Feel Good Together

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We're Here to Help Chicago Couples

You can have the relationship you want! Our skilled couples therapists will help you transform your life using compassionate communication skills. To begin, simply click the button below, meet a caring counselor, and start your transformational journey today!


Haylee has been instrumental in

changing my life for the better. 

I am grateful for her help!

—  Hilary

Our Counseling Team

Warm, Friendly, Smart…


Vanessa Ogaldez



Couples Communication

Identity/Self Acceptance


Jennifer Macias



Neurodivergent Issues


Denise Profile Image.png

Denise Dozier


Grief & Loss

Blended Families

Intimacy & Trust

Counseling Services We Provide

We help couples shift from distress and distance, to harmony and reconnection. We help couples get back in touch with the love they've lost. Or, to decide that it’s time to move on.

We have concrete tools that stop fights from escalating and tools that promote effective communication.

Do you and your partner need help, but only one of you can come to couples therapy? No problem.


We have helped many couples transform their relationship through our unique "couples therapy for one" approach. We will teach you specific communication techniques so that you can express yourself in a way your partner can hear.

You are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. How would it feel to have someone who understands what you’re going through?


We also help individuals who are not in a relationship, or who are in a relationship that is not the main problem.


We have successfully treated mood disorders like anxiety and depression. 

If you are a person on-the-go but still need support, we’ve got you covered.  We can use secure, HIPPA-compliant, video technology to have therapy sessions even when you are out of town.  This is a great tool for individuals who need to travel a lot for work but still want to benefit from regular therapy. 

Our Chicago, IL Counseling Center

Center for Relational Transformation
111 N Wabash Ave #1521, Chicago, IL 60602, USA

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