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Therapy for Poly and Open


Polyamory. Open Relationship. Non-Monogamy.

No matter what you label your love, it can still have issues to work through! Human beings are complex. Maybe you are new to this type of relationship? Just want to make a poly relationship better? Relationship therapy may be able to help! Let's talk about your open relationship in an open, honest way!

Some Common Concerns With
Non-Monogamous Relationships:

  • Shared Values
    Values are ​the cornerstone of any open, poly or non-monogamous relationship. What are the standards you and your partner(s) have set? How often might you want to revisit these value standards? 

  • Communication
    Assume nothing! Healthy communication is essential for relationships of all types. Unfortunately, many of us have patterns of communicating that don't serve us well long-term. What concerns do you have about clear communication with your partner(s)?

  • Relationship Expectations
    While this sounds a lot like the topics above, there are some distinct differences that make expectations their own issue to discuss. Clear, up-front discussion about expectations is vital to happiness. Having this conversation helps avoid crossing lines you didn't know existed.

  • Jealousy
    Jealous is not always rational. So, it can't be dealt with in a ​strictly rational way. What is the root of your jealousy? When is jealousy triggered? Do you have unresolved fears of loss or being replaced? We can get to the root of these issues, together.

Our Therapists can Help


When you work with us, your therapist will be actively engaged in your therapy. During counseling sessions, we offer compassionate support, encouragement, and guidance based on proven therapeutic techniques that help transform your relationship(s).


Your relationship therapist can help you:


  • Stop Fighting


  • Be Heard by your partner(s)


  • Show your partner(s) that you hear them


  • Decide if this is the right relationship for each of you


  • Rebuild Trust


  • Get what you need in your relationship(s)


  • Make decisions together


  • Rebuild Emotional and Physical Intimacy

Transform Your Relationship(s)


After successfully working with one of our amazing therapists, everyone in your relationship(s) will feel:


  • Safe and Secure in your relationships.

  • Connected on a deep emotional level.

  • Seen and Appreciated by your partners.

  • Excited to spend time with your partners.

  • Strong enough as a team to deal with life’s difficulties.

Start RelationshipCounseling in Chicago, IL


Relationships are complicated and successful open relationships or poly relationships present unique challenges. However, it is often possible to get to a place where everyone feels safe and supported. Our Chicago counseling center is poly friendly and has relationship therapists who will meet you and your partner(s) where you are. If you and your partner(s) are ready t o make your open or polyamorous relationship work, booking with one of our skilled therapists is simple. To begin:


  1. Contact us online

  2. Hear back from a therapist within 24 hours (except for Sundays)

  3. Start your life together on the same page and with skills to stay connected for the long haul.

Other Counseling Services At the Center for Relational Transformation


Therapy to discuss your open relationship can help you and your partner(s)! Our framework for compassionate communication helps couples in all stages of a relationship. We also offer couples therapymarriage counselingaffair recovery therapypremarital counselingcouples therapy for one, and more. Our skilled therapists also offer anxiety treatment and depression therapy in our downtown Chicago counseling center. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself you can be.

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