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Are Hard

You’re fighting.


You’re feeling disconnected.


Even simple conversation seems difficult.


You’re wondering,

“Where did we go wrong?”

“Should we break up?”


You feel alone.





We can Help


When you work with us in online counseling in Illinois, or in-person Chicago therapy, your therapist will be actively engaged in your therapy, offering compassionate support, encouragement, and guidance based on proven therapeutic techniques that help couples transform their relationships.


Your therapist can help you:


  • Stop Fighting


  • Be Heard by your partner


  • Show your partner that you hear them


  • Decide if this is the right relationship for each of you


  • Rebuild Trust


  • Get what you need in your relationship


  • Make decisions together


  • Rebuild Emotional and Physical Intimacy

Transform Your Relationship


After successfully working with one of our amazing therapists, you both will feel:


Safe and Secure in your relationship.


Connected on a deep emotional level.


Seen and Appreciated by your partner.


Excited to spend time with your partner.


Strong enough as a couple to deal with life’s difficulties.

Do you take insurance?


Unfortunately, the insurance industry is not set up very well to help people in emotional distress. In order to use your insurance, you would need to be diagnosed with a mental illness. This diagnosis becomes part of your permanent medical record and can be used against you in future employment decisions and eligibility for insurance. Not only that, if you use in-network insurance, the insurance company then decides what treatment you are allowed to receive and for how many sessions. We believe that these decisions should be made between you and your therapist, not a bureaucrat sitting in a office somewhere. We also believe our time should be spent helping you, not arguing with that bureaucrat on why you need treatment.


Instead, we accept HSA, FSA, and HRA Cards. We also offer sliding scale slots to individuals or couples in need (you can talk to one of our therapists for more information). If you do want to use your insurance, we are accepted as an “out-of-network” provider, so you can get any out-of-network benefits that your plan provides. You will still need to have a diagnosis, but we will be able to have control over your course of treatment.

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