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Couples Therapy for One

You're frustrated. Fed up. Feeling hopeless. Not seeing a way forward. It seems like you are the only one in this relationship wanting to make things better. To make things work. Perhaps, even back to the way things were before everything changed?

You have tried everything you can think of to get your spouse or partner to get on the same page. But, they won't go to counseling with you. Now, you're starting to think it might make more sense to go by yourself. Is that ridiculous to even consider? Not at all.

Couples therapy, on your own?

Yes! You can show up to couples therapy by yourself. Before you write us off as the people who could never understand, do yourself a favor and keep reading?


We know therapy can be tough to start, regardless of the circumstances. If you are coming in for the first time, there are lots of thoughts swirling through your head.

Picture of a lonely woman attending relationship counseling in Chicago, IL. Couples therapy for one 60602
  • "Will this even help?"

  • "How can I make changes in the relationship for both of us?"

  • "Do I need to accept that this is over?"

Plus, when you are coming in by yourself, you may fear that we're going to judge you. So, when our clients come into our Chicago counseling clinic for solo marriage and family therapy, we try to make the experience as comfortable as possible. You are the expert on your life. We want to listen and help enhance the work you are doing for this relationship. It is not our job to "fix" it, or point out all the areas you could be doing better.

Transform Your Relationship


It's possible your partner is on board to make changes, but their schedule doesn't allow it. We can help you determine the ways to present your thoughts in a non-confrontational way. Your time together is limited. Let's get you connecting more and confronting less.

We will help you learn how to improve your relationship skills.


We all have patterns of behavior to unlearn. A way of thinking or acting that may have served us well in the past can become a big issue down the road. With your caring therapist. you can identify these patterns for yourself. Then, we can create new ways of listening, communicating and expressing your needs. Finally, we're going to work together to learn how to bring your partner around as well.

Hands holding a heart out. Relationship therapy, couples therapy & marriage counseling in Chicago, IL 60602

You do not have to do this alone.


Does this sound too good to be true? We certainly hope not! Yes, we have a simple way of working with you, even if your spouse or partner can't attend. No one said this will be easy, but we will help improve your relationship. You are not alone in this. There is hope.

Begin Therapy in Chicago, IL


The hope you are looking for is right here, in our Chicago Loop counseling center. Our caring therapists are ready to help you explore the best ways to communicate with your partner. To begin:


  1. Contact us online

  2. Hear back from a therapist within 24 hours (except for Sundays)

  3. Feel more confident and capable of dealing with divorce.


Other Services in Our Downtown Chicago Counseling Center


All hope is not lost. Helping individuals and couples dealing with relationship issues is our passion. You can and will become better than ever before. Our framework for compassionate communication helps couples in all stages of a relationship. We can help with premarital counseling, couples therapy, poly and open relationship counseling and marriage counseling. If you have experienced infidelity, we offer divorce discernment therapy and affair recovery counseling. Our skilled therapists also offer anxiety treatment and depression therapy in our downtown Chicago psychotherapy office. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself you can be.

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