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May Han, LMFT



Non-traditional Couples Family of Origin Issues

You feel exhausted trying to make sure everyone else is happy, but you forget about yourself and what would make you happy. You find you self asking: why am I the only person floundering to make sure everyone else is satisfied?” But when you don’t do this, you feel even worse. You feel lost.  


Or maybe you are different from the people around you and you worry that they are going to find out and judge you. So you hide who you are, but you’re feeling isolated and lonely.Sometimes, it feels like you just don’t belong.


Or maybe you feel sad about what happened to you in the past. You feel stuck as if there is a part of you whose time seems to have stopped and you’ve never had a chance to open up about it.


I became a therapist to help people reconnect with themselves in a kind way, to be happy with who they are, and to build authentic and loving relationships that they truly deserve.

Couples and Individuals
50 minutes • $180

First Couples Session

75 minutes • $270

If therapist not listed, they are not taking on new clients at this time. Please select another therapist.

My clients come to therapy asking:


  • What is wrong with me?

  • Why can’t I handle my life like others do?

  • Why am I like this?

I help you:


  • Validate and Accept yourself.

  • Re-discover your values and beliefs.

  • Be there for others, while caring for yourself.

  • Build strong connections.

"I feel very lucky to have the privilege to share my clients’ journey while witnessing their resiliencies."

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Here are some kind words from one of my past clients:


May Han,

I am very grateful my first therapy experience had a significant impact in my life and it was with you. You have taught me understanding, hope and breathing and listening skills for myself and others. So much of your words & your understanding of mine has influenced my career and personal life in such a short time. Thank you for caring for all parts of me including the young child and teaching me to do the same. You have opened up a part of my life I never knew I had the strength to confront.


Your clients will be so lucky to work with you as I have been.



It is deeply humbling and meaningful for me to witness my clients’ transformation to a more connected, authentic and satisfying life.


I look forward to walking along this journey with you.

If therapist not listed, they are not taking on new clients at this time. Please select another therapist.

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