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Couples Counseling in Chicago's Loop

In our couples counseling sessions at the Center for Relational Transformation located in Downtown Chicago, we help couples stop fighting, learn effective communication skills, and make joint decisions together that will meet the needs of each partner.


Once our couples are operating as a team (again, or for the first time), we then deepen our work, if needed, to heal past hurt, rebuild trust, and reconnect emotionally to create a vibrant intimate relationship that will last.


We work with couples and individuals to help them realize their full potential both in themselves and in their relationships.


We know both the difficulty and the profound joy that can come from intimate relationships. So it is particularly gratifying to us when we can help couples in crisis shift from conflict and emotional isolation to cooperation and intimate connection.

Stop Fighting

In the very first couples counseling session, we will give you and your partner an effective tool to use to stop fights from escalating. You and your partner don't need to suffer from arguments that spiral out of control where you each regret saying things that you don't really mean. It's time to stop hurting each other.

Learn Communication Skills

We have a unique communication approach that can help you and your partner express your thoughts, feelings and needs in a way that is non-defensive and non-attacking. Our approach will help you each feel both expressed and understood by your partner. We take a no-blame, no-shame approach to couples counseling that focuses on what really matters, to help each person get what they are truly needing.

Resolve Issues

In our couples counseling sessions, we will teach you an approach to help you successfully resolve most situations in a way that leaves each person feeling good about the decision. We'll help you craft decisions that meet each of your needs. End the power struggle today. There is a better way.

Rebuild Your Connection

When your arguments do not escalate and you are communicating in a compassionate way, we'll help you heal past hurts, rebuild your trust, emotional connection and intimacy. In our couples counseling sessions, you will learn tools that you can use at home to continue to build your relationship in between sessions and long after our sessions together have ended. 

By using mindfulness, attachment theory, and the latest research in neuroscience, we help couples transform their relationship from a source of pain into a source of sustaining joy.

We Can Help

No matter what issues you are dealing with as a couple, we can help. We have experience helping couples with:

  • Communication Issues

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Decision-making

  • Financial Issues

  • Division of Labor

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Affairs & Infidelity

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Co-parenting

  • Handling Life-Stress as a Couple

  • Rebuilding Trust

  • Rekindling Emotional Conncetion

  • Deciding whether or not to get married

  • LGBTQ Issues

  • Healthy Separation & Divorce

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